How do I make a payment online?Call us at (918) 296-7885 to register to pay online. We will need a valid email address. Once registered the options include reviewing payment history, schedule future payments, adding or deleting a payment method, or set up automatic recurring payments. I pay by text?Yes! Please call us to register your phone number. Follow the prompts to opt into texting. Our system will automatically generate a reminder text when your payment is due. The text will include a “pay“ link that’s becomes available for 72 hours. Once the 72 hours is up the link will expire. At which time you’d have to use another payment option.Is there a fee to pay by phone?There’s no fee to use our automated payment system. When you call our main line and follow the prompts. We accept credit, debit, or ACH when applicable. Although if you choose to pay directly with a Nelson Auto representative a convenience fee of $4.95 is applied.
Where can I make a cash payment or mail a payment?We have a Nelson Auto representative inside the Nelson Car Country located at 14780 S. Memorial Drive Bixby OK, 74008.I’m registered to pay online and forgot my username or password…Please call our main number and press to speak to a representative. We would be happy to send you a link with a new temporary password. The username will always be the email address provided at the time of registration.
What is a simple interest loan?A simple interest loan accrues interest daily from the day the contract is signed until the day it's paid off. Interest is based on the remaining principal, interest rate and number of days in the year. However, as the principal is paid down the monthly interest decreases as well. Principal payments do not move your due date forward or stop the interest from accruing daily.Does Nelson Auto offer a grace period?Yes, we provide a 3 day grace period. Anything beyond this is considered late.
Can I make payment arrangements?For all payment arrangement request please call our main number to discuss with a representative. Please be aware the account must be at least 90 days old with established pay history for us to consider arrangements.How can I change my due date or get a payment deferred?Please contact a Nelson Auto Finance representative to see if you are eligible.How do late payments affect my loan?Please try to avoid late payments. You will be assessed with a $19 late fee each time your payment goes over 10 days past due. By making on time payments, you’ll satisfy your loan balance and the interest by the intended maturity date.
What type of insurance is required?We require a policy that includes liability, comprehensive, and collision.LiabilityIs a state law requirement. It covers bodily injury and property damages to others in case of an accident you caused.Collison InsurancePays for damages to your vehicle in the event of an accident.Comprehensive CoverageIs designed to cover vandalism, theft, and other damages that are not in the result of an accident.Do you offer insurance?We have a program called Collateral Protection Insurance. It covers Comprehensive & Collison only. If at any point we received notice of cancelled, lapsed or insufficient insurance we will automatically enroll your vehicle to our master policy. The insurance payment is set up according to the loan payment frequency, and is to be paid in congruence to the regular payment. If you choose to obtain your own insurance just send us the proof, and we will remove you from the program. Also keep in mind this does not include liability so that has to be purchased separately. Please contact our main number with any questions regarding CPI insurance.
Do I have to continue making payments if I was involved in an accident and might be a total loss?Borrowers remain responsible for making payments until the loan is paid off. If a total loss occurred, please contact us so we can begin working toward a settlement with your insurance company. After the insurance company pays the settlement you will be responsible for any deficiency balance.